Update to v2.11.0 trouble

Hi all,

Anyone has trouble after update to v2.11.0, I have a error reported

'AttributeError: CommandClient instance has no attribute 'dump_job_database'" at the end of one ab-intio job.

Any suggestion? Thanks!


Hi @zjr,

The error you received may be due to a zombie process running while you were updating cryoSPARC. To resolve this, please stop cryoSPARC ( cryosparcm stop ) then check if there are any running cryoSPARC processes ( ps -ax | grep "python" ) and kill any processes related to cryoSPARC. You can then start ( cryosparcm start ) and see if you get the same error.

- Suhail

Thanks @sdawood ! That works.

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