Unregister / register

I had the following scenario today:

My workstation crashed and I wanted to continue on another one. But how can I unregister the first one if I cannot access it? I suppose that you check the registration over the net, so if one is dead, another one should at least run until the old one has resurrected. How can I do so?

And, an already asked question: will there ever be more than one lisense per lab/department/institute/university?
Thanks, Dieter

Hi Dieter,

I’m not sure I understand your question. On any cryoSPARC instance, you have the ability to deactivate and reactivate a machine to run jobs. Please refer to this post. This system allows you to run jobs on one machine at a time.

Right now, we don’t have support for multiple machines capable of running jobs being registered under one license. Please email us if you have a specific use case that requires more than one license.


Hi Dieter,

Another note about this: The deactivation procedure actually works from any instance installed under the same license ID. So if your first machine crashed and you haven’t deactivated from there, you can install again on a second machine, deactivate from there before running any jobs (this simply clears our database of the previous machine information) and then start running jobs normally.

Licenses are given out for individual academic users, so anyone who signs up with an institutional email address will get a license (regardless of lab/university/department/etc).