Uninstall Cryosparc so it can be reinstalled?

Is there a way to fully uninstall cryosparc and reinstall it with a different activation key?
It is currently installed and I think it is installed improperly (it was done by someone else). I want to start from scratch so I know all the steps are completed.

Thank you.

I am facing the same problem as well. I removed the cryosparc folder and the allocated $PATH with ‘rm -rf’.
Reinstallation was not successful and now I am missing config.sh file when starting it.

Hi @user123 and @PFMeier,

There should not be any steps necessary to uninstall cryosparc fully other than deleting the cryosparc installation folder and editing your ~/.bashrc to remove the lines that were added by the installer. NOTE you should probably back up the run/db folder from your cryosparc installation to save the database result metadata from your previous installation in case you need it again.

Thank you very much.