Unable to Submit Inputs for Jobs

Hello everyone,

Ever since I updated to the most recent version of cryosparc, I have been unable to submit inputs necessary for job submission such as particles and volumes. When I try to drag and place the input, it does not show that it has been placed. However, when I try to put the input in again, it gives me an error message that inputs can’t be placed repeatedly. Although it is registering an input, it will not allow me to queue the job and the job does not show the input. Any ideas on how to approach this would be very helpful.

Hi @adtaheri, would you be able to share any screenshots of the job builder after attempting to drag inputs, and the message you receive/what the screen looks like when you try to queue a job? Thanks!

Job after submitting inputs for volume, particle, mask:

Job after trying to resubmit the same inputs:

The queue button is still inactive

We tried to reinstall but that does not help.

What allows me to run jobs is the following: I’ll create a job, put in the inputs like I did above. Then, I ask our system administrator to change the permissions of the job so read write and execute are possible for all users. Then, I will clone the job within the GUI, leading to a replicated job with the inputs actually showing. I can only then execute jobs that are clones of this job showing the inputs.

We tried adding my username to the user group that is the system administrator. This did not work either.

Any advice on next steps?

Hi @adtaheri,

Are you still experiencing issues with the job builder? If so, please report the outputs of the following terminal commands:

cryosparcm log command_core
cryosparcm log database


It was resolved by another reinstallation. Thank you!