Unable to start jobs due to ServerError: [Errno 116]?

I tried to start a new job today and cryoSPARC replied with this message.
I tried to run other jobs as well
I tried to run jobs on a different Project and it worked. So I guess this is an error from my side.
Can someone help me resolve it? Thank You very Much
Thank You
I am using the cryosparc version v4.1.2.

Stale file handles are usually NFS related when the NFS share has been lost (sometimes it will recover and apparently list files again correctly). Rebooting the system might solve the issue, but it might be something else. I’ve only seen it when NFS shares are lost, though.

Thank You @rbs_sci ! It was useful.
We remounted the volume and restarted the database. This rectified the problem.

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