Unable to queue interactive jobs

After updating to 4.4 (which looks fantastic, so far), I’m getting this error when I try to run either Curate Exposures or Inspect Picks:

Unable to queue P2 J1865: ServerError: enqueue job error - P2 J1865 is an interactive job and must be queued on the master node

The thing is, it’s not giving me an option to do anything but queue those jobs:

Interestingly, Select 2D works.

EDIT: Weird, I just ran another Select 2D to check that it worked still, and first it flashed the lanes to submit to, then it updated to show the master screen:


And now Curate Exposures and Inspect Picks are allowing showing me the master node screen when I queue.

Hi @ccgauvin94 ,

Thanks for the post. Does the issue persist after reloading the page?

- Suhail

I encountered the same error, but a web browser refresh fixed it.

Nope, that appears to have fixed it.