Unable to create initial cryosparc user after installing cryosparc

/home/cryosparcuser/cryosparc/cryosparc_master/cryosparc_tools/cryosparc/command.py:134: UserWarning: *** CommandClient: (http://yellowstone:39002/api) URL Error [Errno 111] Connection refused, attempt 1 of 3. Retrying in 30 seconds
system = self._get_callable(“system.describe”)()

Welcome to the forum @thedude .

The warning indicates that CryoSPARC is either not running, or cannot be contacted due to a network issue.

What are the outputs of these commands

host yellowstone
ps -eo pid,ppid,start,cmd | grep -e cryosparc -e mongo | grep -v grep
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Thank you @wtempel.
Cryosparc is now installed. The problem was because of blocked TCP ports and it is now resolved. However, I cannot login into the cryosparc interface as it says user not found. I checked cryosparcm listusers and there are no email addresses listed. How can I add a new user/admin.

@thedude Did you try
cryosparcm createuser (guide)?

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@wtempel. Thank you very much. It works now.