Transitioning to new installation while another instance is running with the same license ID

This was probably stupid in hindsight, but I set up cryosparc with the master running off of a node on our cluster that I got access to through squeue. My cryosparc instillation became corrupted somehow (so cryosparcm stop would only output “supervisorctl: command not found”). I lost access before I was able to fix this and properly stop the cryosparc instance, and I haven’t been able to get access to that specific node again.

I have since reinstalled cryosparc (I do not get errors when I run cryosparcm start/stop etc.). When I try to run jobs now though I get a “Token is invalid. Another cryoSPARC instance is running with the same license ID.” error (presumably because of the instance I didn’t close properly?). I have not been able to get access to the node that was running the cryosparc instance that I was unable to close. I have tried stopping the instance from a login node/ other nodes on the server without success (“Cryosparc is not already running”/ I’ve also tried manually finding/killing using ps -ax | grep and kill without success). How should I proceed?? Sorry/ thank you!!