Tar: Option --overwrite is not supported; what's wrong?


I am trying to install cryoSPARC on my Mac. As soon as I enter “Yes” to download, I get:

Installing at

Downloading latest cryoSPARC distribution…

tar: Option --overwrite is not supported
List: tar -tf
Extract: tar -xf
Create: tar -cf [filenames…]
Help: tar --help
sh18051:~ HansenLab$

And that’s it. I used HomeBrew to make sure I have a GCC equivalent of 4.9.

which nvcc

do not report anything. I tried installing the CUDA setup script for Ubuntu but perhaps that didn’t work since I’m not actually using Ubuntu? I am very naive with this sort of thing so I am having trouble figuring this out. My brother (PhD in computer science) helped me get the GCC stuff together, but I don’t know what to do from here as that may not have been an issue?


Install GNU version of tar using homebrew and put it first in your PATH. You will probably want all the other GNU utilities as well. Just copied pasted from a standard Mac setup script I have for student laptops, so remove the packages you don’t want.

# Install basic packages and UNIX utilities with standard names.
brew install bash-completion imagemagick ntfs-3g p7zip python python3 r readline screen ssh-copy-id unrar wget git vim
brew install coreutils
brew install findutils --with-default-names
brew install gnu-indent --with-default-names
brew install gnu-sed --with-default-names
brew install gnutls
brew install grep --with-default-names
brew install gnu-tar --with-default-names
brew install gawk
brew install gcc

# Add to .bashrc
PATH="$(brew --prefix)/opt/coreutils/libexec/gnubin:$PATH"
MANPATH="$(brew --prefix)/opt/coreutils/libexec/gnuman:$MANPATH"