Tar errors on upgrade

Recently we updated one of our CS instances and noticed tar errors like below. The upgrade completed successfully despite the errors. Just wondering what they are

bash-4.2$ ./bin/cryosparcw update
Updating... checking versions
Current version v4.4.0 - New version v4.4.1
Updating worker...
  Deleting old files...
tar: check_install_deps.sh: Cannot open: Text file busy
tar: install.sh: Cannot open: Text file busy
tar: bin/cryosparcw: Cannot open: Text file busy
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors


@neeraj Please can you re-run the

./bin/cryosparcw update

command. If the cryosparc_worker/ directory is hosted on shared storage, please ensure that the command is not executed on multiple computers.

Does this help?