Symmetry in 3dva

hi all–the symmetry field in the 3dva job-type states that symmetry isn’t used in the job itself. So i’m wondering why the field is there in the first place, and if it isn’t used in the calculation fo the 3d covariance, then what is it used for?

for example: I have a D6 complex. I refined with D6 symmetry enforced. Then, I symmetry-expanded the particles and ran 3dva. How would the output differ if i typed c1 vs d6 into the symmetry field in the 3dva job?

thanks for your input,

Hi @Cryo_EM_Jonny,

The 3D variability job won’t actually run if you type in anything but “C1” into the symmetry field. The parameter is basically there just to remind you to symmetry expand the particles, if you want to use symmetry during 3D variability. In the part 2 to our 3D Variability tutorial, you can a brief explanation of how we suggest symmetry should be dealt with in 3D Variability, and what the effect of symmetry expansion is.


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great–thanks, Michael!