Switching from Standalone to Cluster

Hi all
Currently we have a standalone install of Cryosparc v2 that is running quite well.
Now we’re thinking of using it with our queue manager, Slurm and was wondering if there’s an easy way to quickly configure the current one to use the cluster rather than a full install?

Hi @jafar,

There is no need to reinstall cryoSPARC. You can easily add a cluster by using the instructions at the bottom of the section here:

Essentially, you need to provide cryoSPARC with two files:
(a) cluster_info.json : a file that defines commands used by the scheduler’s job submission cli
(b) cluster_script.sh : a submission template file that cryoSPARC will use to “render” unique job submissions to the cluster.

then run the command cryosparcm cluster connect