Sudden license check 500 error for all instances


I maintain several instances of CryoSparc for researchers with academic licenses. All cryosparc instances suddenly started failing license checks even though I can re-download cryosparc installer using the same licenses. There appears to be an issue on cryosparc end, but they don’t have a way to contact them. I’m not sure what to do.:

$ cryosparcm licensestatus

WARNING: Could NOT verify active license “REDACTED”

License validation results:

✓ CRYOSPARC_LICENSE_ID environment variable is set
✓ License has correct format
✓ Insecure mode is disabled
✓ License server set to “
✓ Connection to license server succeeded
✕ License server returned ERROR status code 500

While verifying the license, CryoSPARC encountered 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url:

I replied to the license email and mentioned the issue. CryoSPARC staff saw the email and fixed the license server on their end. The problem is resolved.

Our cloud provider experienced a service disruption, which we believe to be resolved now.

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