Stuck on "optimize fsc masks"

Hi all

my job has been stuck on “optimize fsc masks” for about 6 hours so far. No sign of a change.

I have ~20k particles, box 512. I have run many refinements on this data no problem.

The only difference this time is I took one of the maps into chimera and resampled on a different axis so I can apply symmetry in the way I want. The new map imported just fine, but now when I run the job it just hangs on iteration 0.

Tried legacy or new homo refine, same issue for both.

to follow up, the refinement ended up finishing… it just sat on optimizing masks for like 12 hours, then spat out a map (after 1 iteration). Not sure if this is a bug.

Hi @orangeboomerang, unfortunately this is a known issue with large box sizes in some cases, we are aware and will be working to improve. Thanks!

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