Stop at Iteration 0 (AssertionError: Unicode not supported)


I installed and tried the example dataset several days ago, it worked well (sample loading, 2D classification and homogeneous refinement etc.); however, it can not work this week. I can load image file when create a new dataset from sample .star and .mrc, but can not perform Ab-initial or 2D classification etc. It showed an error message like this.

When the program is running, I saw a warning message like this: “Specific and detected data-signs don’t match. specified -1, detected 0. Using Specified…”

I did not change the system environment, but I can not make sure other user/root did.

Thanks for your help,


Thanks for reporting @milkpa, this is a bug introduced in v0.5.6 accidentally, will be fixed asap. For now you can downgrade to the previous version

cryosparc update --version=v0.5.3

Thanks, it works after downgrade to previous version.