Standalone installation suggestion

A little background before my question. Recently I installed CryoSPARC2 using the standalone method in Amazon Web Services. While setting this up I was confronted with the issue of AWS changing IP addresses and hostname when you turn the instance off and then on again. I am aware of the ability to use have an Elastic IP address in AWS but that is an additional charge and are a limited commodity.

When installing CryoSPARC2 using the standalone method why does it populate with the result of hostname --fqdn instead of simply using localhost? Would it be possible for the standalone method of installation to simply set localhost for the CRYOSPARC_MASTER_HOSTNAME in the cryosparc2_master/ file?

Hi @clil16,

Feel free to test this out! You can stop cryoSPARC cryosparcm stop. Rename the field in cryosparc2_master/, then start cryoSPARC again cryosparcm start. Also, check out this blog post I made just incase:

Please let us know how this goes!