SSD cache : cache waiting for requested files to become unlocked


One of the datasets that I have processed with cryosparc v2 has finished ab-initial reconstruction. However, I was not able to continue with homogeneous refinement job since it kept printing:

“SSD cache : cache waiting for requested files to become unlocked.”

We have already cleaned the cache folder and restarted cryosparc. However, whenever I started a new homogeneous refinement job with this dataset, it still complained like above. Other datasets don’t have this issue.

Hi @Chen,

Is it possible that another job in cryoSPARC is running against the same dataset? Or were using the files as they were deleted? The “status” of the files are kept in a collection inside mongodb. If cryoSPARC has already seen the files, there would be a document inside mongo outlining their “status”. This is why even though the files don’t physically exist in the cache, they can be locked- cryoSPARC didn’t have a chance to update the status of the files, making the application think they’re currently being used.