Spotlight should index all job numbers (v4)


The new “spotlight” search is useful, but currently only indexes projects and workspaces, not jobs. So I can type “P40 W4” to find a workspace, but not “P40 J632” to find a specific job.

This is true even if one is inside a workspace (where search is restricted to items within that workspace).

Frequently, I know the project and job number I want, but need to hunt for which workspace it is in.

It would be useful if spotlight indexed job numbers, so that from the home screen I can quickly find a single job if I know the ID.


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Basically this, right? Search function for Job P1/Jxxxx

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Yes exactly but in the Spotlight window

Hi @olibclarke ,

Sure, we can the option to search for jobs. Keep in mind for now it will still be limited to the most recent jobs (max 600) that match the select project or workspace. Adding it to our to-do list.

- Suhail

But I have 3600 jobs in my current project from one dataset. :sob:

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Hi Navid,

As I mentioned we’re working on removing this limitation. Can I ask: how do you manually keep track of specific job UIDs to search for such that you would find a universal spotlight like this useful for 3000+ jobs? Keep in mind:

  • The spotlight suggests most recent jobs
  • You can organize jobs in a project into workspaces
  • You can use the table view to load a condensed view of a project or workspace’s jobs
  • You can use the filter bar to narrow down the list of jobs in the browse view
  • You can create and apply tags to jobs of interest to filter them quickly
  • You can star jobs of interest to have them easily filterable or accessible via the quick access menu

- Suhail

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Hi Suhail,

Thanks, I missed that part. I use a combination of Coggle (early) and Notion (late) to keep track of processing which allows me to annotate with images. I had previously hyperlinked jobs directly into my Notion document but the v4 update broke all of my links.

I create new workspaces for each conformation identified (each of which require extensive downstream local refinements to resolve entirely) and any hypothesis testing, which means I end up with many workspaces for a single project. The sequential job numbering does not readily lend itself to finding a particular job amongst many workspaces in a single project. The spotlight feature could remedy this with infinite job search!

My current dataset is probably atypical: ~10 conformations with ~10 local refinements for each, which results in a highly non-linear processing flow (related jobs are far apart in job number). Happy to Zoom and show you if it is helpful.

Thanks for all of the tips, really excited to start implementing these organizational tools moving forward! Your team is the best!

Best regards,

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Hi Suhail - totally understand that this is a current technical limitation. I still think it should be indicated somewhere in the search UI that this is what is happening. Otherwise it is very confusing - even jobs that I can see right there in the table do not appear in the search, which in the absence of some kind of explanation feels kind of broken.

Re use cases, even with all the welcome additions for filtering, tagging, starring etc, if I want to find a job for which I know the project and job ID, it would be still useful (and faster!) to have a spotlight like function to directly view e.g. “P3 J20” from the home page - this would avoid clicking through projects and workspaces, when I already know where I want to go.