Spherical aberration, preferred orientation distribution (exact euler values)

Hi all,
I have some questions to ask for help.

  1. I collected data on talos arctica. I used the non-uniform refinement (New) with Global CTF refinement (without spherical aberration optimization) to get 2.75 A resolution. Then I used the same input with Global CTF refinement ( with spherical aberration optimization to get 2.71A resolution. But the optimized Cs around 3.06 is a little far away from manufacturer provided Cs value. I wanna know whether the Cs refinement is right although the resolution improved. How to evaluate?
  2. my other sample showed preferred orientation problems. I wanna know how to visualize orientation distribution and output relevant preferred orientation euler angles in cryosparc ( help to analze the interaction site with the air-water interface).
    Thank you very much!