Slower performances for motion correction and particles extractions

Hi Everyone,

Now I am working with CS 3.0 (hasn’t updated to CS 3.1)
While I am using, I feel some strange performances in some processes.
Especially both motion correction and extraction.
I checked running times between CS 2.15 and CS 3.0.
CS 3.0 took 4~5 times longer than.
For example, 2.15 took 16 hours for 15K mic, but 3.0 takes 5 hours for 1k mics.
So performance is 5 fold less.
Also 2.15 took 6 hours for 2m particles, but 3.0 took random (faster or slower)

I am using CUDA 10.1 with driver 455.45.
but NVIDIA-smi says 11.1, also only use 2 cores( I set 4 cores for run)
Give me some advice for this



Hi @Jinseo can you try updating to v3.1? We made some fixes there that should improve performance of some jobs in 3.1


I am already using CS 3.1.
That issues came from CS 3.1.
Except that, the other thing are great!


Hi @Jinseo,

Can you tell us your:

  • OS version (output of uname -a)
  • output of nvidia-smi