Shared software environment

What is the best way to manage multiple licenses in a shared software environment? It seems the installation instructions tie a particular installation instance to a particular license. We have multiple licenses and need to be able to share the installation files over the network. Is there a way for users to override the license in the installation, to use their own when they launch jobs?

Hi @jsmith,

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment.

We are in the process of designing easier ways for users to install and maintain cryoSPARC in a multi-user environment. The only way this is possible now is to have multiple cryoSPARC installations for each license/instance, since license-specific information is written into the installation directories. To reiterate, if you have multiple users in your environment that want to use cryoSPARC and require data segregation, you will have to install a new, separate cryoSPARC instance for each user that has their own license ID.

Please do fix that. I won’t encourage people to use the software if we have to update 50 machines everytime a new version comes out.

Hey @jsmith,

Thanks for the feedback. Multi-user support is definitely a priority on our roadmap and we are working as hard as possible to support these and other evolving use cases for the academic community. In the meantime, hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle to manage the installation and update process.