Server without direct internet access


is it possible to run cryosparc on a machine that has no direct access to the internet (firewall) or will this be an issue with the licence?


Hi Lukas,

I did a quick test - went offline, restarted the server and submitted a cryoSPARC job locally with no issues.

Launched job PzpZDLBfumempmMCQ
License is valid.
Job Type: abinit Job ID: PzpZDLBfumempmMCQ

I hope this helps.


Ok thanks. Lets hope there is no licence check upon installation where a connection is required!

Thanks for the quick reply!


Hi Lukas, Mike,

The licensing system does actually need an internet connection. If the connection (or our servers) are down things will keep working with a timeout of 1 week, and then will stop working.

Hope this helps,

Hi Ali,

that might be problematic. Could you perhaps tell me to which server and on which port this connection is established? Maybe we can get the IT to make some sort of exception with the firewall.


All the license checking happens over HTTP/HTTPS so that’s port 80 and port 443. The server to which packets are sent is

Hope that helps!