Second installation, web app not listening

I have cryoSPARC running on our cluster. In order to try out cryoSPARC Live, I wanted to make a second installation of cryoSPARC and add Live to that second installation. I’ve done the installation of the master, putting it on a different port than the first installation, but on the same machine (one of the cluster login nodes).

The first installation is on base port 39000, and I put the second installation on 40000. The installation seemed to run normally, and cryosparcm reports that the web app is running. However there is nothing listening on port 40000. I tried a couple of different ports, also without success.

Should it work to put a second installation of cryoSPARC master on the same machine, but on a different base port?

Are there logs for the web app I can look at?

Matthew Cahn

This is resolved. The problem wasn’t real. It takes quite a while for the web app to start up. And the utility I was using to check what’s listening on what port, “ss”, only reports those ports to which something is connected. So if I had just waited a while (and opened the firewall) and connected with a browser, it would have been fine.

– Matthew

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