Running two different remote CryoSPARC instances on the same Mac book

Hi I am trying to run two different cryosparc instances, one on a workstation and one on AWS Cloud, remotely from my MacBookPro laptop. Would they interfere with each other?
The one on my workstation is running a long job and I don’t want to stop it. But when I tried to connect to the newly installed instance in the Cloud, the response is “this site cannot be reached”.
Just want to know whether it is because I try to run both instances from a single laptop or something is wrong with my Cloud setup. Thanks for your thoughts.

@Ricky - Hi Ricky, I’ve noticed this too when I tried to run two different cryosparc instances from two different workstations. It either shows me the first instance’s projects/jobs or the “site cannot be reached” message. This is due to the clash in port numbers for both instances. I’m guessing you are using port forwarding to run cryosparc on your local browser. If so,
ssh -N -f -L localhost:39000:localhost:39000 remote_username@remote_hostname
ssh -N -f -L localhost:29000:localhost:39000 remote_username@remote_hostname
(Doesn’t have to be 29000. It can be any open port number). That should fix the issue and you should be able to run two cryosparc instances. If you wish to run more than 2, change the port number again and continue. Do remember that cryosparc uses about 10 ports starting at 39000 and goes up to 39010 for each instance. Hence, keeping your new port numbers as far as possible would be advisable. Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much. I will give it a try.