Running log not generated

Hi there,

So I have queued 2 picking jobs today and both were not showing anything after the "[2023-06-14 21:36:01.51]
[CPU: 284.3 MB Avail: 194.90 GB]
Job ready to run

[2023-06-14 21:36:01.52]
[CPU: 284.3 MB Avail: 194.90 GB]
***************************************************************" And I thought it might be stuck cuz it never behaved like that and no settings were changed, so I reconnected and restarted after 1-2 hrs, and it’s still the same when I checked after another 6 hrs!!! The exposure sets job ran fine during this period and the 2D class job is shown caching.

In this case do you think my picking job is also running and I just restarted twice for nothing?

Another job here

Is there any output shown under Metadata|Log?