Run CS v3.1 master process on "non-master' node

Hello everyone,

I have installed and configured CS v3.1 as a standalone master and worker. I am using multiple nodes that I added as workers since I have access to the cluster. However, the master node (“gpu055”) I installed CS on, is not exclusively available to me, which means other users can assign those resources, leaving me without access to cryosparc. Is there a way to use “cryosparcm start” command while being logged into another node, for example “gpu060”? I would really appreciate any help here.

Best regards,

Hi Nash, this is theoretically possible with some considerations, take a look at my notes here: Master and worker instances

Have you also considered leaving cryosparcm start running permanently on gpu055, then SSH-port forwarding the base port that hosts the web application to the machine you’re running on (gpu060)?