Rotate particles about the Z-axis of reconstruction

Hello, I’m working on a pseudo-C3 symmetric particle. I’ve managed to separate my particles into three classes, each of which is essentially the same map rotated 120 degrees about the pseudo-symmetric axis. Is there any way (direct modification of .cs files, some option during refinement, etc.) to indicate this relation? Would it be easier to try symmetry expansion, reconstructing each of the three “sets” and seeing which one matches?

Might be easiest to export to a star file, modify the appropriate Euler angle using awk or similar and then re-import? At least if it is around z that should be pretty straightforward because it is a direct rotation…

(although would be great to have an option for re-orientation in Volume Alignment Tools for this kind of scenario…)

That’s kinda what I figured as well. Forgot Z is a direct rotation, that does make things easy! Thank you!