Rocky Linux for cryosparc?

Dear All
We have to rebuild our Linux workstation. As many of you know, the support for Centos7 or 8 will be going away, our IT guy suggested to use Rocky Linux for OS for the workstation. Does anyone know that Rocky Linux works for Cryosparc or/and any other EM programs (e.g., Relion, Chimera)?

Thanks for your help

We updated from CentOS8 to RockyLinux in January and are very happy with it. CryoSparc works fine, alongside Chimera(X), Relion3/4, cisTEM, CrYolo, Spring, AreTomo etc.
TFS Amira and CTFFIND4 caused some problems when transitioning CentOS7 → 8 that persist on current RockyLinux but they could be solved.

Dear Dan

Thanks for sharing your experience about Rocky Linux. We will consider this option seriously with our IT guy.

All the best

Just an FYI. The latest cryosparc installs with no problems on Oracle Enterprise Linux 8. Only gotcha I hit was that security standards require /tmp to be mounted noexec. Conda will not install with this setting so I had to disable temporarily.