Results window scaling problem

Hi all,

On our cryosparc 3.2.0 installation I’m having a problem with the scaling of the results in the web interface. Specifically in ‘3D Var Display’ jobs (other job types are fine), the graphs (simple and interactive) are spread out on a horizontal axis that is around 10X the width of the overview window. Took me a while to figure out where the graphs and the outputs on the right were.

I note that in our installation, after submission to the cluster a 'qstat -j ’ command is reported to the results window for diagnostics by our sysadmin. This output has a very long ‘env_list’ which spans the width of the overview window. So I think this is suspect in causing the strange scaling behaviour but at the same time, this doesn’t effect other job types so might be a red herring.

Any idea if this behaviour is a bug or how we might fix it locally? Thanks for your help!

Best wishes,

Hi @kylelmorris,

Thank you for the post and apologies for not getting back to you earlier. This sounds like a styling error on our part. In particular, we use the CSS rule white-space: pre-wrap to ensure log text wraps while maintaining original formatting such as tabs and line breaks. Typically the log text and images preserve the width of the dialog but it sounds like that’s not the case here. Is it possible to attach a screenshot of the cryoSPARC UI?