Reset input per-particle scale keyword for scripts

Hi all,

For scripting purposes, I was trying to look for the parameter name for setting “Reset input per-particle scale” to false in NU-refine’s and but couldn’t find this directly. There’s no description that matches what is in the GUI so I started to think I’m looking in the wrong place. Any pointers for this?


Hi @kumpula ,

Thanks for the post! You can gather this information from within the cryoSPARC interface:

  1. Open the job details and navigate to the ‘Metadata’ tab
  2. Use the browser search (cmd+f) to look for params_base, then click ‘Expand all’
  3. Use the browser search to look for the title of the parameter. The key of the object, in this case refine_scale_reset is the ‘name’ of the parameter that you can reference in your script

Hope that helps!

- Suhail

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Thank you Suhail. That solved the issue!