Remove duplicates error - no particle locations, but they're in the star file

I want to remove duplicates after symmetry expansion, but there is no particle location associated with my particles. I imported my star file containing (_rlnImageName #1 _rlnMicrographName #2 _rlnCoordinateX #3 _rlnCoordinateY #4), then refine w/ symmetry, symmetry expand, 3DVA, 3DVA display cluster, now want to unexpand for refinement. The particle import job does not have particle.location lower level output but says “Fields loaded from star file: [‘rlnImageName’, ‘rlnMicrographName’, ‘rlnCoordinateX’, ‘rlnCoordinateY’,”

I take it I could use pyem and re-import, but is there an easy workaround?

For this workflow, one may have to also connect (otherwise optional) micrographs (exposure) input during particle import. Another user kindly documented the process in a related forum topic.

Does this approach resolve the issue?