Reload cryosparc after patch

I installed v3.1.0 and then ran the patch process as outlined in the documentation, including
cryosparcm cli “reload()”
cryosparcm cli “refresh_job_types()”

However, the dashboard in the Web interface still lists the version as: v3.1.0. I found that I have to restart the cryosparc service in order for it to show the version as Current version: v3.1.0+210216. Is there something else that can be done to avoid having to restart?

Hi @glennpj, the patch version may not get updated if something goes wrong with the patch process - can you send me the output of the following commands?

cryosparcm patch --force
cryospacm cli "complete_patch()"

cryosparcm patch --force

A cryoSPARC patch is available

Current Version: v3.1.0
Patch Name: 210216
Released On: 2021-02-16 19:59:21
Requires Restart: No
Patch Notes:
    - Fixed: CPU extraction bug
    - Fixed: Patch CTF bug

cryosparcm cli “complete_patch()”


Also, I checked the files that were patched and they were correct. Also, running cryosparcm patch without the --force flag says, “No patches available for current release.”, so I am fairly certain that the patch process was successful. The ‘patch’ file that got deposited had the correct string, ‘210216’, after the patch.