Regroup 3D - no resources reserved and job fails

Dear all,

we tried to use the Regroup 3D job to group similar 3D classes.
We are using CS 4.4.1 on a cluster with SLURM.
Below is a part of the SLURM script from a Regroup 3D job:

# What follows is a simple SLURM script:

#SBATCH --job-name P33_J222
#SBATCH -n 0
#SBATCH --gres=gpu:0
#SBATCH -p gpu
#SBATCH --mem=0G
#SBATCH --time=2-00:00

You can notice that CS reserves zero CPU cores (-n 0), GPUs (--gres=gpu:0) and RAM (--mem=0G). SLURM fails immediately since the task requested zero resources.

Is this a bug in the CS submission system?


@eMKiso You encountered a bug :beetle: in the Regroup 3D job for which we plan to release a fix.

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