Refinement crash with GLIBC error

After re-update cryosparc to 3.1, the refinement still has GLIBC error. The patch motion job is working fine.

Hi @zhenyu_tan,

Can you recap the steps you did to get to this point?

I just did the normal NU-refinement(new) with minimizing scale on. Then it will give the error.

our gpu cluster OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 7.9. Thanks

Hi @zhenyu_tan,

When did you update to cryoSPARC v3.1? When did you re-update?

we update to 3.1 when it got released and re-updated yesterday. The job still not running

Hi @zhenyu_tan,

Is it possible that the worker update failed to complete successfully?

Can you navigate to cryosparc{2}_worker and run the following:
./bin/cryosparcw update --override

Our IT people resolve the issue. Seems that we did not update completely. it is running now. Thanks

Thanks for the update @zhenyu_tan!