Recovering a deleted user, many instances of cryosparc installed


We have several instances of cryosparc running on several nodes of a computer cluster. We have a bit of mess on our hands and I would like to clean these up and get to a point where we have one instance running in multi-user mode.

The mess: From what we have been able to gather, installation of an instance of cryosparc by a user has apparently deleted some users’ accounts. Is this possible? or should we look for another explanation? BTW, the deleted user’s data appear to still be in place, but there is no account to access it with.

Can say more about the restriction to run one instance of cryosparc per node? How does one instance know about a second?

I do have an instance of cryosparc that runs on a particular node error-free. Is there a way to transfer data from an instance to the new one? (Can I do this while recovering a deleted user account?)

Is there a way to completely delete instances of cryosparc? so that users don’t use them?

Thank you. -David