Recommendations for Modeling after 3D variability?

So I have just finished my 3D variability job and have a nice density map that displays conformational change. As a newbie, I am curious to hear your recommendations on creating a moving model. I have read that Climber is a good software, but I’m not sure it is appropriate given that I know intermediate conformations of the protein. What are your thoughts?

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I’m also interested in this topic, if anybody has experience with it. Specially tips for new users with absolutely no experience! Thanks :smiley:

Hi @Lucas and @Ulvetanna, we have a tutorial on how to visualize 3D Variability results in UCSF Chimera that I’d recommend as a good starting point:

(remember to first send your 3D Variability job outputs to a “3D Variability Display” job and download those outputs to load in Chimera)

I’ll let others chime in with any tools they use or are aware of beyond Chimera.