Recommendation on running cryoSPARC as a system service


Is it possible to have “./bin/cryosparcm start” at reboot of the master server and what would be the recommended method (we use linux mint 19.3 with mate desktop).
It seems the user installing/starting on command line get their credential passed on for jobs run by any users which is not ideal.

Hi @abasle,

Our guide covers how to install cryoSPARC as a systemd service:

The systemctl enable command will ensure that cryoSPARC automatically starts when the machine undergoes a reboot.

Hi sdawood,

That would be a great but it fails. I think the script may be started too soon at reboot before the share is available.
sudo systemctl status cryosparc-env.service
cryosparc-env.service: Failed to execute command: No such file or directory
after reboot.
Would you know how to modify the ./ script to make sure the service start after the share is mounted?

sudo systemctl start cryosparc-env.service
sudo systemctl status cryosparc-env.service

shows the service is fine when started manually.