Re-processing .cs files that have been converted to .star file


We currently have cryosparc installed in two different computers. I processed data on one computer and converted the .cs files to .star file using the python script.
I want to reprocess that .star file on a different computer that contains another dataset. I successfully re-imported the data, however I can no longer process that dataset. I have attached the error I am getting to this message.

My plan was to re-import that converted dataset into the same project and workstation and re-run an abinitio job selecting both sets of data.

Thank you,

Hi @safmas,

In your import job where you imported the star file, can you check if there’s a message indicating that CTF fields were missing in the star file? this would cause the imported particles to be without CTF.


Hi Ali,

I checked and I did not get a message indicating that the CTF fields were missing.

Many thanks,