Project level defaults using cryosparcm cli override job cloning parameters


FYI - If you set project level defaults parameters for jobs using the cryosparc cli, jobs that are cloned are over-written with these parameters rather than being true clones. v.4.4.0

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Thanks @Navid for bringing this issue to our attention.
We confirm the following expected behavior in current versions of CryoSPARC: If a parent job’s parameter was not specified (and the parameter’s default used), a more recently set project-level parameter default would be set in the cloned child job. We are reviewing this behavior for possible change in a future CryoSPARC release.

Thanks @wtempel I get the logic there, but I think intuitively a job clone would be expected to have identical parameters, even if the inputs are adaptive/smart (which I love, by the way). Thanks for considering the change!