Problems with license when installation moved to a new disk


I know similar questions have been asked many times before, but mine may have a particular twist that I would like to get an answer to.

We have been running cryoSPARC 3.3 successfully for many months now. However, I recently moved the installation from its original place /home/software/cryosparc to another disk /media/cryoem/disk3/software/cryosparc to save space on the system disk. I then created a soft link in the original location pointing to the new one so that everything should work as before, and mostly it does. It’s no problem to start the installation using cryosparcm but as soon as we queue the first job we get that well-known error message

Error connecting to cryoSPARC license server. Checking local license file. <urlopen error [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate (_ssl.c:1091)>Local license file is expired. Please re-establish your connection to the license servers.

I can contact the license server and verify that our license ID is valid. So my question is whether this error has arisen because I moved the installation?


Where and when (during which activity) did you observe the error?
Please can you send me the output of the following command via a direct message:
cryosparcm call env

The error occurs on running the first job after moving the cryoSPARC installation to the new location on another disk. This happened to be an “import movies” job but I don’t think that is relevant. cryoSPARC was restarted in between. I moved the installation in a simplistic way using “mv” then creating a link from the old location to the new one so that all software should in principle think it was in the same place. I sent you the requested output by direct message. Fingers crossed you can find something useful in it!


Clarification on “where”: the error messages came repeatedly in the log file of the import movies job as soon as it was queued. The summary icon for the job showed this message in a light blue box.

Update: I restarted the computer this morning, opened a fresh terminal window and things seem to work as normal again. I don’t know what I did wrong previously, but most likely it caused some mixup in environment variables. Apologies for the false alarm!

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@derlog Thank you for posting the update. It’s much appreciated.