Problem of Version mismatch, updated to version V4.1.1

After updated, When I try to test workers, there is a problem that tells me the Version mismatch, I don’t know how to deal with that. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks.

I manually run Worker update and Configuration, and everything looks like runs well.

I solved this problem, I can’t find a patch about Worker, so I just roll Master back to v4.1.1 only.

Did you consider trying the cluster patch method (see guide)?

Thank you for your advice, I remember I tried that I run bin/cryosparcw patch inside the cryosparc_worker directory, and it told me the worker version is V4.1.1 already.

Is it possible that you remember a similar message that appeared after running
cryosparcw update?

Maybe… Anyway I rolled Master back to v4.1.1, it runs well now :grinning:. And it should be tried that manually updated by bin/cryosparcw path inside the cryosparc_workder directory to match the Worker with Master vertion (v4.1.1+221221). Thanks a lot.