Port selection for cryoSPARC installation

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Suppose for my version 2.15, when I installed in I have used the wrong path of cuda (I have 2 versions of cuda installed, and I think the version for NVIDA installation should be used, which I did not use when I installed cryoSPARC), which I suppose, it has led to 2D classification did not work, if anyway I correct the installed version 2.15 without deleting the installation?

Suppose I should uninstall the version 2.15 for no way to correct the issue caused by wrong cuda path, how to completely uninstall it?

Suppose I plan to install 2 different versions of cryosparc, and for one version the port is 3900, then how to select the port value for the next version? Or to what port value range is acceptable, for example, can the port be 3, or can it be 10000000000?

I am looking forward to getting your advice.

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Hi @Flemming,

You can recompile cryoSPARC with a different version of CUDA by running the command cryosparcw newcuda. More details here:

You can completely uninstall cryoSPARC by deleting the cryosparc2_master and cryosparc2_worker folders.

When you run the install.sh script to install cryoSPARC, you can specify the port you want to use using the --port argument. More details here:

In general, try not to use ports under 1024. For your purposes, if your cryoSPARC instance A was hosted at port 39000, given cryoSPARC only requires a 10-port range, you can safely instantiate your cryoSPARC instance B on port 39010.

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