Point old job to new particle location

I previously ran a job (3DVA) and want to use the outputs (into cluster 3D display), but the original particle location has moved. What’s the best way to point the new job to the new particle location? It may be complicated by the fact that I ran exposure group utilities to split blob/path by exposure ID.

What has seemed to work in the short term is import the new particles then cd into the cryosparc directory and rename the new particle import folder as the old folder. The 3D display job using old 3DVA seems to be running without any other modification and did not get stuck at the same part as a previous job (FileNotFoundError). Is there any problem I might encounter down the line by doing this?

Hi @user123,

There shouldn’t be an issue with doing that. Though to make it easier, next time you can consider updating the cryoSPARC database with the new locations: https://guide.cryosparc.com/processing-data/tutorials-and-case-studies/tutorial-migrating-your-cryosparc-instance#a-moving-only-raw-particle-micrograph-or-movie-data-already-imported-into-cryosparc

Let me know if that helps.

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Thank you, Stephan! A much better option.