"Please update Nvidia driver to version 520.61.05 or newer" - Is there a workaround?

Hi All,

I am trying to run the Cryosparc tutorial and I get the following error in the Patch Motion Correction phase:

Nvidia driver supports CUDA Toolkit version 11.4 and older, but CUDA 11.8 support is required. Please update Nvidia driver to version 520.61.05 or newer.

I know, " As of CryoSPARC v4.4, CryoSPARC requires Nvidia Driver 520.61.05 or newer", but it might take us a while to upgrade the driver and I have to get at least the tutorial to run so that our researchers can learn how to use the tool. So is there any workaround, just for the time being. I tried to tell CryoSPARC not to use GPUs at all, but that also seem to fail…

Many thanks,


You will need to revert to an earlier version of CryoSPARC - 4.3.1 if I remember correctly; you’ll also need system CUDA 11.x…

4.4 and newer has no workaround for needing the newer driver I am aware of.