Phantom jobs (both running and queued)


Quite often, when I kill a job, it dies gracefully but cryosparc still thinks it is running - the number of jobs listed as running in the status bar remains the same. If I click through to the experiment queue page, though, it is not listed as running there. But it still prevents new or queued jobs from launching.

Additionally (and related, I think,) if I clear a queued job and relaunch it (in order to put it to the back of the queue), the number of jobs listed as queued in the status bar increases.

Has anyone encountered either of these issues and found a fix?


Stopping cryosparc, killing all the extra processes, and restarting worked for me.

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Hi Oli,

I’ve seen this many times… In fact, it actually runs a job but cSPARC GUI doesn’t display the results. You can’t run another job until this phantom job is finished. The folder with experiment results is produced and you can find all the files in there. Restarting might kill a currently running phantom job, but if you had several jobs discarded, they will jump in a queue as new phantom jobs.

The best strategy is to wait until a job you don’t want starts running and then kill it. Then it’s dead for good. If you do it before the run starts, you’ll get a phantom job running.



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Hi Simonas,

This is good to know. Is there a way to kill phantom jobs or do you just have to wait it out? I can see in the cryosparc output that some killed jobs get to 5 iterations and then die.