Patch Motion Correction Job: Failed with Multiple Errors (v2.15.0)


I am running a patch motion correction job in v2.15.0 (default settings, but with “a dose rate override” input). The job failed after correcting ~500 out of 3000 movies and gave the following 3 errors below. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks!

Hi @Dnbrawley, the IO error suggests that you may have run out of disk space, can you please check?


Thanks for the quick reply. Just checked my folder, I am still far below my quota by several Tb’s. So I do not think that is the problem.

Hi @Dnbrawley,
Can you please try cloning the job and re-running it, or alternatively, you can take just the “failed” micrographs and connect those as inputs to a new patch motion correction job to see if they complete there.