Patch installation timing out too quickly? timeout

Hello cryoSPARC support

I am trying to install a patch for the new 3.3.1 version. The first error I am getting is a timeout error (below). It seems to me that the problem is that it should wait for 300 seconds, but instead it waits for only 300 miliseconds (not waiting long enough) - I say this because (a) the response-wait-failure happens almost instantaneously, within a fraction of a second and (b) Accessing the host does not seem to be a problem [i] With a browser I can log into xxxx (http://xxxx:39000) to get to the cryoSPARC GUI. [ii] With a browser I can log into xxxx (http://xxxx:39002) to get to the message “Hello World from cryosparc command core.” The details are shown below. Please help.

bin/cryosparcm patch --force
A cryoSPARC patch is available
    Current Version: v3.3.1
    Current Patch: 220215
    New Patch: 220215
    Released On: 2022-02-16 18:02:02
Install patch? (y/n): y
Downloading cryosparc_master_patch.tar.gz...
Downloading cryosparc_worker_patch.tar.gz...
Patching master...
*** command (http://xxxx:39002/api) did not reply within timeout of 300 seconds, attempt 1 of 3

@aapeters I am not sure what is going on.
Was bin/cryosparcm patch --force executed on a worker instead of the cryoSPARC master host?