Patch CTF result

I am performing Patch CTF estimation on a set of motion corrected micrographs imported from relion.
I am tryimg to understand the quality of the results I have got after this run. There are many thon rings , is this normal output- (as does the micrograph is treated in many small parts) . Also can any one point out to me a source / link or share a what a good result would look like.

Many thanks

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There is a display bug in cryosparc where the power spectrum is almost invisible when importing from relion. I reported it some time ago but it seems it still exists. That is what is going on on the right hand side of the upper half. You can see from the lower 1D plot that there are actually good Thon rings and they are well fit to ~3.7 Å. The moiré effects on the left hand side are caused by CTF aliasing, due to high defocus.

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Thanks a lot @olibclarke for your reply .

Please can you post a link in case you previously introduced the topic in this forum.
If you can share some example data (raw data, intermediate results to be imported to cryoSPARC, workflow information), we would be interested in investigating the issue.

Here you go:

If I recall correctly, it happens only with imported micrographs (that were motion corrected outside of cryosparc), but I could be misremembering that. It has come up several times in various threads in the forums though.

Would you be willing to share with us two motion-corrected micrographs from the set to be imported to cryoSPARC? Please let us know if you would require an upload link.