Patch 211214 is available for cryoSPARC v3.3.1

Release Notes

Includes all notes from previous patch 211202


  • Specify path of directory containing preprocessed micrographs for Topaz Train and Extract
  • New 3D Classification advanced parameter “Output data after every full iter” to enable data outputs (volumes, particles, volume series) after every full iteration


  • 3D Classification volume outputs are now unmasked, fixing downstream refinements
  • New printout for each 3D Classification iteration to clearly specify O-EM/F-EM iterations left


  • Use correct license check SSL certificate configuration when running cryoSPARC in insecure mode
  • Fixed Blob Tuner Error when Blob picker finds no particles
  • Passthrough GS split in 3D Classification
  • Check for empty splits in Homogenous Reconstruction job


See installation instructions here (cryoSPARC v3.3.1 required):


The UID problem preventing csparc2star is still not corrected?

@user123 I think it is in progress on the pyem side:


Thank you, I will be more patient. Was not sure if this was implemented, yet.

Looks like it already has been, you just need to update pyem I believe

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