Particle orientations not imported from relion 3.1

Hi guys,
I am trying to import particles from relion 3.1 to cryosparc but get the particle orientations are not imported. I have tried removing the opticsgroup block and changing data_particles to data_ but ended up with the same situation. Below is a log of the import.
Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thanks a lot,

Loaded star with 62075 items
[CPU: 217.3 MB]  star file fields:
[CPU: 217.3 MB]  Index([u'rlnCoordinateX', u'rlnCoordinateY', u'rlnImageName',
       u'rlnMicrographName', u'rlnCtfMaxResolution', u'rlnCtfFigureOfMerit',
       u'rlnDefocusU', u'rlnDefocusV', u'rlnDefocusAngle', u'rlnCtfBfactor',
       u'rlnCtfScalefactor', u'rlnPhaseShift', u'rlnAngleRot', u'rlnAngleTilt',
       u'rlnAnglePsi', u'rlnClassNumber', u'rlnNormCorrection',
       u'rlnLogLikeliContribution', u'rlnMaxValueProbDistribution',
       u'rlnNrOfSignificantSamples', u'rlnParticleSelectZScore',
       u'rlnOpticsGroup', u'rlnOriginXAngst', u'rlnOriginYAngst',
       u'rlnGroupNumber', u'rlnImageOriginalName'],
[CPU: 217.3 MB]  Reading particle data locations...
[CPU: 217.3 MB]    Reading rlnImageName to get indices and paths..
[CPU: 222.5 MB]    Warning: Parameter particle_blob_path was set, which overrides rlnImageName despite the latter being present in the input star file.
[CPU: 222.5 MB]    Parameter particle_blob_path was set and is a directory, so will be used as the search base for finding referenced data paths in the star file.
[CPU: 222.5 MB]  Searching for linked data files...
[CPU: 222.5 MB]  Compiling CTF information...
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  Warning: No micrographs were connected as inputs, so correspondences cannot be found, so output will not contain pick locations for particles.
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  Warning: The input star file does not contain rlnAngleRot, rlnAngleTilt, rlnAnglePsi, rlnOriginX, rlnOriginY, rlnRandomSubset. Output will not contain particle orientations.
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  --------------------------------------------------------------
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  Particle information has now been imported for 62075 particles, creating outputs...
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  Found references to 9 unique data files
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  Import paths were unique at level -1
[CPU: 222.6 MB]  Example imported relative path:
[CPU: 222.8 MB]  Reading MRC file headers to check shape...
[CPU: 222.8 MB]  Done importing.
[CPU: 222.8 MB]  --------------------------------------------------------------
[CPU: 222.8 MB]  ===========================================================
[CPU: 222.8 MB]  Loaded 62075 particles.
[CPU: 222.8 MB]    Common fields: 
[CPU: 222.8 MB]            ctf/accel_kv :  set([300.0])
[CPU: 222.9 MB]               ctf/cs_mm :  set([2.7])
[CPU: 222.9 MB]        ctf/amp_contrast :  set([0.1])
[CPU: 222.9 MB]        ctf/exp_group_id :  set([5])
[CPU: 222.9 MB]            blob/psize_A :  set([1.1])
[CPU: 222.9 MB]              blob/shape :  [400 400]
[CPU: 222.9 MB]  ===========================================================
[CPU: 222.9 MB]  Making plots...

Cryosparc version is 2.14, latest update.

I think this is still because rlnRandomSubset was missing? Does it work if you just add that one field with some values?

Hi Daniel,
Thanks a lot. Will give it a shot and get back.

I was having the same issue with v2.15.0 using a Relion 3.1 star file with rlnRandomSubset (and all Euler angles) present. To get it to work I had to copy the header of a Relion 3.0.7 star file and reorder the variable names in the header to match the columns in my Relion 3.1 file. Simply reordering the 3.1 header and columns to match the 3.0.7 star file did not work. Maybe there are some invisible characters in the 3.1 star header causing some problems?

could you please share your script with me, I’m having the same issue! thanks a ton